We are pleased to announce the debut of a new artist at the Encuentro NYC Festival this year, Bulla en el Barrio!  So with the addition of this new traditional band of drums and singer, we now have the full spectrum of Colombian music in New York.  Jazz Big Band to folkloric bullerengue with “Cantadora” and drums.  It will be an unforgettable night.  Featuring the new projects of the most established Colombian artists in NYC, as well as several brand-new artists to hit the scene.  Here’s the full list and for ticket info. go to the events page on this site!  Nos vemos en el Encuentro!

Gregorio Uribe Big Band-Cumbia Universal

Pablo Mayor-Folklore Urbano Orchestra’s “El Barrio Project”

Bulla en el Barrio

Veronica Tierra

Los Aliens

Cumbia River Band

Alejandro Flórez and the Tin Throat Project

Olga Dominguez Sextet

Sebastián Cruz Cheap Landscape